This past month our team participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Thank you to all who participated, organized and carried out this event. It is likely that all of us connect, in some way, to the ravaging effects of cancer. As a team, we remember Kristian--Geoff’s (our head engineer) younger brother and one of our first and brightest engineers--with this event. It is a way we can help in the search for a cure. We are committed to this annual event and invite our partners, friends and family to participate with us.

A relay is a good metaphor, not only for the fight against cancer, but for our daily responsibilities to our home, church, and work families. A relay requires an inter-dependence on each person to carry their load and help the next team member succeed. No one is asked to do more than they are able, but all are challenged to do their best . . .and through this symbiotic relationship, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. We lift each other to become better than we are.

How can the concept of a relay benefit us in any environment? Let's look at the 2016 Olympics and the values that turned four average Japanese sprinters into silver medalists. Not one of the sprinters had recorded a sub-10 second time over the one hundred meter dash, yet they defeated every team with faster runners (except Jamaica). This is how they did it:


This is the seventh in a series of eight articles focusing on practical ways to block key Cyber Crime Gateways.


What are the Security Risks of USBs and other Network Additions?

Use approved software, apps, downloads, and mobile storage devices only!

If you found a USB drive in a parking lot, what would you do? Would you pick it up and plug it into your computer to see who it belongs to and what’s on it? Researchers from Google wanted to know how many people would do just that if they littered 297 USB drives around a college campus. Results: 48% of the drives were picked up and plugged into computers.

These are frightening results considering how easily a seemingly harmless portable device can trigger a cyberattack. Hackers will use a USB device as an “attack vector” that gives them access to a single computer or network. So what do we learn? Just as with emails, don’t open anything you aren’t expecting or don’t trust. Here are some other security tips to consider when using USBs and other network add-ons.


Virtualization is not the same as the cloud


Virtualization and cloud computing are two technologies that have long been confusing business owners. But that shouldn't be the case. Understanding the differences between the cloud and virtualization is the fastest way to use these technologies to your greatest advantage.


Microsoft unveils new features for Outlook


The new Outlook features can help you manage your time, respond to emails, take care of important things and more. Also, new upcoming features will connect you to the people and technology that power your productivity and help protect you and your business. Want to see what's new and coming soon from Microsoft? Read on.