The Sacramento River has humble beginnings in the Klamath Mountains, but grows in might as it travels south with help from its tributaries. Kind of sounds like the Adept Solutions story -- from humble beginnings to a growing force within
the Sacramento Valley IT community.

Meet the Team

There's no place like home--and home for us is the Sacramento Valley. This corner of the world can best be described with one word: Growth. Our rich soil and Mediterranean climate grow 80% of the world's almonds. Most of the nations' rice is grown in our sunshine, so if you love sushi--you're welcome. Throw in juicy peaches, plump tomatoes and about 55 other commercial crops and you can readily see that growing is a way of life here. And it isn't limited to our spectacular agriculture--business and professional services, both young and old, are working to grow their companies. And Adept Solutions is one of them.

We had humble beginnings in 2005 in an upstairs room over the Yuba City Boot Barn. Our long-time partners will remember climbing the cement stairs to that crowded room for computer repairs. As the years rolled on we earned the confidence of more and more community businesses. In 2010, Adept Solutions was sold to new ownership and growth rapidly accelerated.

This is what happened

  • We went from a computer break-fix model to exclusively offering managed IT services. So instead of hoping a new virus will break out, we work proactively to make sure systems are healthy.
  • We went from customers to partners. Our focus is exclusively small and medium size businesses in a variety of sectors including transportation, medical, agriculture, construction, education, professional services and others.
  • We added state-of-the art equipment to monitor, maintain and protect networks, and are constantly looking to see what new technology should be added to better serve our partners.
  • We added affiliations with industry leaders, including a 200+ technician help desk for our larger clients.
  • We implemented a culture of constant learning. Certifications, degrees, conferences, webinars, trainings and research are our way of life.
  • We added team members who love the challenge of IT, who feel energized by being part of a growing business and who enjoy working with each other and our partners.

These changes that flowed into Adept Solutions over recent years have made us a mighty force in the
Sacramento Valley IT community. We are excited to partner with businesses and professional services,
both young and old who are working to grow their companies. Growing is a way of life
in the Sacramento Valley, and a way of life at Adept Solutions.

Meet the Adept Solutions Team


" Your staff takes over and knows exactly what to do. You guys rock! "
Robbin Casey, RBS Super Chargers

Technical Services Team


" I was very pleased with the fast response and the professionalism of your engineer. He was helpful and fully explained everything that was happening and what he would do to fix the problem. Great job."
Bob Cortese, St. Isidore Catholic Church
(Not pictured, our 200+ engineer help desk for our bigger clients!)

Project and Sales Team


" Consistent communication and competent advisors are your best assets in my opinion. "
Michael Nevens, Briggs Firestone

Service Coordinator and Billing Team


" Excellent service. Fast and friendly. Keep up the good work. "
Bill Hovey, Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce