Adept is part of the Legend team; part of our success story.

Legend Transportation COO


How Adept Solutions Helped Legend Transportation Grow

Company Overview

It started with one truck in 1995.

For eleven years, Sunny Samara drove for big-name companies, and along the way, acquired a thorough understanding of the logistics and transportation industry.

In 2006, he started his own company with 10 employees and a fleet of 7 trucks.

The Problem

Legend Transportation had an employee inhouse with an IT skillset, but doing all the IT work took too much time away from his other responsibilities.

“We did a cost/spend analysis to see if it would be worth it to hire one to how many people we needed, to run the services in house,” John Hammond, Legend’s CFO explains, “or if it would be beneficial to outsource to someone who could provide minimal services at a manageable cost and then grow with us as we went forward.” The consensus was to outsource their IT.

They hired a local, one-man shop, but he responded according to his own schedule. Legend needed someone around the clock.

In 2011, Sunny’s wife, Bobby, met one of Adept’s engineers at the bank where she worked. She was impressed and suggested Legend give Adept Solutions a try.

We depend on Adept Solutions to keep us in business, because if our computers are down, we are down..

Legend Transportation CFO

The Solution

Adept Solutions provides 24/7 remote service, along with onsite service for Legend employees. Implementing solutions for their Line of Business applications is a major focus— as well as managing solutions that are already in place to ensure they continually run at peak performance.

Security is another focus. Adept has provided solutions that give Legend business continuity in case of emergencies, power issues, loss of internet, etc., along with other security protocols that help protect against cyberattacks.

To keep up with Legend’s growth, Adept is constantly, pro-actively looking for new technologies and solutions to ensure Legend Transportation is ready for the next step.

The Result

“Technology is extremely important, and I think we are staying in front of it,” says Rob Moffitt, Legend’s Sr. Vice President and Director of Operations. He recently looked at technology broker services recommended by one of his corporate clients but was not impressed. “We can do better than that because of the technology we’ve put in place. Why would we want to use them if we can already provide the same information?”

Legend’s employees now number 800 and that distinctive red, white and blue Legend logo is seen on 650 trucks that travel 12 states from California to Texas, from Montana to Washington and everywhere in-between. You may have heard of some of their clients— Walmart, Home Depot, TJ Max, Target, Ross, Big Lots, General Mills, and Campbell Soup. Office locations have expanded from the home base of Yuba City to include Rancho, CA, Phoenix, AZ and Portland, OR. Legend Transportation is now a multi-million-dollar company that has seen double-digit growth for 11 straight years.

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