Why Us?

Because we know it’s really all about you.

The “Why Us?” is really all about you. We know if we can help you create a roadmap to success, then smooth out the bumps, fill in the potholes and get rid of the detours you can accelerate into the realm of profitability. And when we’ve got you going full speed ahead -- we gain momentum too.

To do that we have to know you and your business. That’s why we won’t consider you a client, we’ll consider you a partner. It will take both of us working together and talking openly -- you about your pain points, business goals and dreams for the future; us about your technology options that can make life easier and move those bars on the growth chart heavenward. We call that teamwork.

We are a local business. We take our commitment to our partners seriously because you are our neighbors. We are big enough to bring you the latest tools and enterprise-quality design solutions, but small enough to be flexible and personal. We plan to be on a first-name basis with your team for years to come and so earning your trust is part of every conversation, every support ticket, every proposal, every project, every invoice.

We know what a hassle it can be dealing with IT troubles. It's expensive, it's time consuming, and it's downright frustrating.Our job is to take on the hassle -- and even better yet, to prevent it. Your systems will be monitored 24/7 so if a problem arises, we can proactively stop it before it causes you heart palpitations. Disaster preparedness will be engineered into your systems and layers of security tools will stand guard around your network. Meticulous documentation enables our entire team of engineers to rescue you from IT traumas. Excellence is providing dependable support, security and peace of mind.

So, why us? It’s all about you and what we can bring to the table with the three anchors of our business: teamwork, trust and excellence.

Bottom line, as you move on down the road to your goals you want maximizum uptime, a return on your IT investment, and friendly customer service added to the mix. We can do that. Let’s start the conversation.


Q&A with Larry Johnson

What does Adept Solutions do?

We increase the value of your technology investment. We're in this business to help your business grow.  It's as simple as that. There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we've honed over the years to make your technology function more effectively to meet your business needs. We're driven by the philosophy that if we help businesses solve their IT issues that we will grow with them... the perfect win/win solution.

What makes you different from other IT companies?

We believe in business first and technology second.  You won’t be barraged with tech-speak as we want to be a strategic partner that helps your business run smoothly and operate more effectively. We won’t harness you to a long contract. If you ever run into a situation we can’t solve, we’ll help you fire us and transition to another IT company.

You aren’t a big company -- but we are. Why would we choose you as our IT provider?

We believe in quality over quantity.  We hire and train our engineers to handle complex problems and understand the technology needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. We can supplement a large organization IT group or even manage it completely because we can scale quickly.  Let’s get together and I can explain how to reduce your costs and increase service satisfaction and functionality…lunch is on me.

Are you from northern California?

No, I was raised in a town with a population of 100 (I think they rounded up) in northwestern Wyoming.  I was raised on a farm where weeding beans, milking cows and irrigating barley were my chores growing up.  Living in the agricultural center of this great country seems like déjà vu and is comfortably home to me now.

How did you end up here?

After graduating from college my first job was in Sacramento and then working in corporate America took me across this great country and all but one continent.  Being close to family brought my wife and I back to northern California and we are blessed to be part of this area and be associated with Adept Solutions, our second family.

Tell us something unique about yourself?

OK, one last question!  A unique thing about me is my 8th great grandfather was Peregrine White, the first child born in the Massachusetts Bay Colony onboard the Mayflower, December 4, 1620.