Adept Solution Now Offers Employee Security Training

Adept Solution Now Offers Employee Security Training

Adept Solutions’ makes three promises to our partners: 1) make work easier, 2) keep you secure, and 3) empower growth. We know keeping your data secure is crucial to your business success. We also know that human error has a hand in 73.4% of all data breaches, making it the biggest threat to your IT security. As a result, we have partnered with KnowBe4, a national IT security company whose tagline is “Human error. Conquered,” to offer phishing tests and ongoing security training for your team.

Despite the fact that we protect your network with industry-best layers of security tools--your data is still at risk if you have employees who:

- use weak passwords
- click on malicious links or attachments
- visit bogus websites
- use unsecured connections
- add unapproved software, thumb drives, etc. to your network
- don’t take precautions with confidential data
- don’t use caution with social media posts
- are careless with devices, including proper disposal

It is crucial your employees know and use best cyber security practices. We offer an ongoing monthly focus on a security topic with posters, email reminders and a security newsletter as well as phishing tests to determine your team’s vulnerability and individual training that can include videos, games and modules designed specifically for your team.

Here is a sample of the information you’ll receive when you partner with us on employee security training: Email Security Best Practices.

Contact us for more information: 530-751-5100.