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Working with the Adept Solutions Team

Our greatest strength is our people. We know if our employees are happy, there is a very good chance our clients will be happy. So, we carefully vet applicants to see if they are an Adept fit—if they will be happy working with us, and if we would be happy working with them.

What makes you an Adept fit?

Our company culture revolves around three values: Trust, Excellence, and Teamwork.
They define who we are and drive our passion. We hire, fire, recognize and promote based on these core values.

Are you someone known for your integrity, self-motivation, and hard work? Can you communicate effectively? Can you meticulously follow established company best practices—yet be confident enough to offer new ideas and insights for improvement? Do you like people and enjoy working with a team and with clients? Are you passionate about continually learning and jump at the chance to improve your knowledge and skills? Do you want to be part of a growing company that builds long-term relationships with clients and employees?

Saying yes to all these questions means you just might be an Adept fit.

Adept Perks

Paid Holiday, Paid Vacations, Paid Personal/Sick Days

We know you have an important life outside of work. You need time to make memories with those you care about most, and you need personal time to handle things life throws your way. Work/life balance is possible at Adept. Paid days increase with length of employment.

Health Insurance

We’ve got your back when it comes to health benefits. Eligible employees can choose from a variety of medical plans for themselves and their families.

401K Matching

Retirement may seem like a long way off, but it is never too soon to start saving for it. Adept offers a 401K plan and we match the first 4% of the employee’s contributions.

Continuous In-house Training

We gather the troops for weekly webinars; our documentation system allows for ongoing best practice updates that the team trains and signs off on; department meetings bring more training and clarity to job roles. You won’t be left wondering what to do—we are continuously learning and growing as a team.

Funded Continuing Education

We don’t want you to just have a job, we want you to have a career. And that means opportunities for advancement. To get you there, Adept gives each employee an annual budget for outside training, conferences, seminars and certification.

Remote Work

The pandemic ushered in a new era of remote work. At Adept, we balance the remote lifestyle with office time for the best of both worlds. Inhouse time allows the team to socialize and collaborate in person; remote time offers the convenience of a home office. New employees earn remote work status once training is complete and managers give the go-ahead.

Mileage Reimbursement

When on the go, representing Adept, employees are reimbursed for mileage.

Work Clothing Allowance

Adept provides a yearly clothing allowance for purchase of shirts and other items that can be embroidered with the Adept Solutions logo.

Volunteer Time Off

Volunteering can have a positive impact on the employee and the community. Adept has a history of supporting local nonprofits and nonprofit clients such as Breast Cancer’s Run for Life, Children Hope Foster’s Color Run, Chamber events, Union Gospel Mission’s school fund raising and others. We encourage team members to give time to worthy organizations

Employee Fun

How does the Adept team have fun? Here’s a blast to the past to some favorite team time. . . --playing pool during lunchtime -- trip to Sunsplash with the Adept families -- fishing trip to Tahoe – restaurant Christmas dinners with white elephant gifts – annual team Thanksgiving with Dickey’s BBQ – birthday celebrations with the BD person’s favorite treat – March Madness Basketball contests – Top Golf engineer days and more! We enjoy working and playing together.

Employee Recognition—By Employees

We give tacos to each other. Yes, tacos. It is the online Bonusly currency an employee can give to another employee for rocking our values of trust, excellence or teamwork. Tacos can be accumulated and cashed in for rewards from an internet catalog.

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