It’s All About Value

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal IT department, you have the entire Adept team at your service. With the combined IT engineer experience of over 142 years and the combined business leadership experience of 119 years, we know IT--and we know business. But none of that matters if we can’t give you exceptional value for the IT dollars you spend.

Pricing Model

That is why we use a per user pricing model instead of charging per device. Per device has been the standard of IT pricing for many years—but in our device saturated environment today—your technology dollars go further with per user pricing. Each member of your team has all Managed IT Services on up to two work devices.

What Do You Mean It Depends?

Per user pricing for nonprofits and educational start around $100; Small Business pricing starts at $130; Supplemental IT starts around $40 . . . but the final price will depend. It’s like buying a car, there is a basic price, but additional options are available to fit your needs and preferences.

What is your current infrastructure? How many servers you have? What speed and size of backup do you need? Do you need enhanced security programs? Is compliancy a concern? Questions like these, and others help us determine what IT solutions you need.


Selling Success

We are in the business of selling success. That means we give you the right IT, at the right time, specific to your company, so you are positioned to compete in your industry, protect your data and grow your business.

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The Five Foundation Services
of Managed IT

Take a Look at Everything That’s Included

We do not offer different tiers of Managed IT Services. Over 15 years in the IT industry has taught us that all businesses need five foundation IT services if they are to thrive in our technology-driven world. As mentioned above, the details and pricing may vary between companies, but all of our clients receive the following:

Click on each category to see all included services. Each service will have a short definition-- so you know what it does, and a result— so you know why it matter to you.