The Five FoundationServices of Managed IT

IT Support

Support for your staff or internal IT team

What does great customer service look like? We think you will see it is a priority for our entire staff, but you will especially see it in our engineer team.

Our engineers answer your service calls directly, work hard to meet SLA’s, are patient and professional, document all work done, and follow up to make sure everything is still working. At the conclusion of every service request, they send a customer satisfaction survey—and it’s all about the smiley faces.

Great customer service? Yes, our engineers can show you what it looks like.

Could your internal IT team use some help? We offer remote monitoring and management tools, a ticketing system, and an IT documentation platform as well as a defined number of labor hours. Our team is available for projects outside the basic supplemental plan when needed.

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Adept Solutions Managed IT Services

IT Support

Give Your Team the Support it Deserves

Included Add-on Option
Help Desk Support

What it is: Help Desk Support is our in-house engineer team. You speak directly to an engineer when requesting support. Each engineer documents their work in a ticketing system that you can access at any time. Completed tickets auto-generate an online survey to assess the level of your satisfaction.

Why you want it: You receive fast, professional service by engineers who are dedicated to providing the best service possible.

Onsite Support

What it is: Onsite Support is work done at your place of business. Most service requests are solved remotely, but when hands-on work is required, an appointment will be scheduled for an onsite service.

Why you want it: Engineers work on premise to resolve issues that cannot be done remotely.

Online Portal

What it is: Adept Connect is your convenient, intuitive user portal that aids in the management and communication of service requests.

Why you want it: You can quickly make a service request, or see the status of a request.

Emergency After Hours Support

What it is: Emergency After Hours Support is available 24/7/365. Our on-call engineer team supports your team after hours, on weekends and on holidays. Note: This service is available for all clients with an additional fee for each after hours service or as an add-on to your Managed IT Service contract.

Why you may want it: Help is only a call away, any time, any day.

Supplemental IT

What it is: Supplemental IT Support rescues your in-house IT team. When your in-house IT team is overextended, our team can help with remote monitoring and with management tools such as a ticketing system and a documentation platform. Projects outside the basic supplemental plan are also available.

Why you may want it: You can get additional IT support without hiring additional in-house employees.