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Hold the Presses!...6 Words That Will Solve All Your Problems

In 1988, I was in Los Angeles learning about corporate leadership when I was invited to attend a lecture by Tom Peters, one of the thought leaders in business consulting at that time. I was excited to see him, and was not disappointed.  I am sure he talked mostly about the theories in his book, ‘In ...

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What is the Modern Desktop?

“Get modern with Windows 10 + Office 365 + kept up to date” is the message sweeping across the IT landscape--along with the promise that it will be loved by end users. This modern desktop transports users up to the cloud for data and programs, which isn’t a shockingly new concept, as ...

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Risky Business? Not When It Comes To Your Data.

How a company manages its data and information can make or break a company’s success and its rate of growth. If you could transfer the headache and risk of managing and securing your data -- while maintaining the financial upside of your company -- would you do it?

As the owner or decision maker ...

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