Get a Red Phish and IT Security Training

You open your inbox and nestled among the usual emails from vendors, clients, and employees is an email you weren't expecting.

It is from a friend you haven't heard from in a long time, and he is writing to ask a favor. Suspicious, right?  But how do you know for sure it is a phishing attempt?

If you had a red phish in your email menu, you wouldn't have to wonder.

What Technology Questions Do You Have?

In the 15 years Adept Solutions has been in business, we’ve seen technology become the dominant factor in business growth.

Do you want to streamline processes? Increase productivity? Reduce expenses? Keep data safe? Improve communication? Increase customer satisfaction? Technology is the key to each of these goals and the key to being competitive in your industry.

Why Your Business Needs Softphones

How do you communicate when working remotely? Email, old-fashioned phone calls, internal discussion forums? All are useful tools. However, if you want to dramatically improve your business performance, softphones are the way to go. Flexibility Softphones are an application for internet-enabled devices such as a smartphone or laptop, that allows you to make and receive […]

Is Your Cell a Germ Device? Learn How to Clean Your Phone

Fifty-two times a day.  That's the average number of times people look at their phones.

This is according to a Deloitte 2018 survey of 2000 US respondents.  The survey also said smartphones are the preferred device for:

News, short videos, photos, video calls, social media, banking, emails, regular calls, calendars, maps and IM.

That's a lot of time on your phone.

Free Remote Working Awareness Kit

Infosec IQ, our partner for Security Awareness Training, has sent us a free information kit on working remotely.

A few simple precautions go a long way.  Please watch this brief video on staying secure while working remotely.

Watch here

They also included two infographics to help you stay secure when working from home.

COVID-19 Scams are Flooding the Internet

The coronavirus is not only a global health and economic crisis; it has now mutated to become a global security crisis. Spammers, scammers, and hackers, or "cyberscum" as one writer dubbed them, are working overtime to profit from the increased usage of the internet and the epidemic of fear.