What is the Modern Desktop?

“Get modern with Windows 10 + Office 365 + kept up to date” is the message sweeping across the IT landscape--along with the promise that it will be loved by end users. This modern desktop transports users up to the cloud for data and programs, which isn’t a shockingly new concept, as the term “the cloud” has been bantered around since the 1960’s.

But it’s getting serious now.

Risky Business? Not When It Comes To Your Data.

How a company manages its data and information can make or break a company’s success and its rate of growth. If you could transfer the headache and risk of managing and securing your data -- while maintaining the financial upside of your company -- would you do it?

As the owner or decision maker of a small or medium-sized company, the thought of outsourcing some aspect of your business has probably come to mind.

Get To Know Your Account Managers at Adept Solutions

At Adept Solutions, we want to work for you and with you. Really, we do! We believe in our role to create solutions that leverage technology to better your business. Our entire staff works to grow your business, but our account managers are the champions of this endeavor.

What in the World Backup Day?

There is no shortage of new holidays these days and some are downright bizarre (National Spaghetti Day anyone?). World Backup Day, however, is a newer holiday that you won’t want to skip.
What is World Backup Day?
Originating in 2011, World Backup Day was created to bring awareness to the importance of backing up data.

A beginner’s guide to creating Facebook ads

Facebook has uses that go way beyond posting cat photos, complaining about restaurants, or stalking your ex — it’s also an incredibly effective advertising platform. From small businesses to big corporations, anyone can benefit from Facebook’s marketing tools. Read on to leverage Facebook to your advantage. Why advertise on Facebook? Above all else, the cost-effectiveness […]

Details about Microsoft’s lightweight OS

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new, lightweight version of Windows. The operating system (OS), currently known as “Windows Lite,” is said to be Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS. There are still plenty of unanswered questions about the OS, but here’s what we know so far. What is Windows Lite? Windows Lite is a […]

Threats facing financial institutions today

The financial sector has long been heavily targeted by cybercriminals. Over the years, the number of attacks that involved extortion, social engineering, and credential-stealing malware has surged rapidly. This means that financial institutions should strive to familiarize themselves with the threats and the agents behind them. Here are seven new threats and tactics, techniques, and […]

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

By: Larry Johnson, CEO of Adept Solutions

My sophomore year in High School I qualified for the state finals in the high hurdles.  In training for that track meet, I had a run in with one of the hurdles (it won) and I was unable to compete in the state meet because of injury.

Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi with ease

Today, you simply can’t survive without a Wi-Fi connection. Businesses need fast, secure, and reliable internet to get work done and satisfy customers. But what about when you experience Wi-Fi issues? These fixes ought to do the trick! Range constraints Wi-Fi works via radio waves that are broadcast from a central hub, usually a piece […]