What, me worry?

I grew up in the era of Mad Magazine, and on almost every cover of the magazine Alfred E. Neuman would utter the intellectually incurious words ‘What, me worry?’ Now, as we reach Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October) and add in COVID-19 and remote work, his response would have to be ‘Yes, me worry’.

Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are not immune to cyber-attacks.

Microsoft 365 Training Coming to Your Inbox

Microsoft 365 has many features, and new ones are constantly being added that can help your business move forward.

However, finding time to train on this software can be daunting.

With the transformation to remote work, Microsoft has recognized that there is an urgency for users to understand their product better.

Meet Adept Solutions Engineer, Robert Waddell

For the past eight years, Bob Waddell has lived in Pasadena, CA, while working in a large consulting & technology firm as a Senior Systems Administrator.

Though southern California has a lot to offer, there is no place quite like home. And home for Bob is a good way north of Pasadena.

Want to Learn and Be Inspired? Try Podcasts

In July, Disney+ streamed the Broadway Cast production of 'Hamilton' and around the nation (and world) the internet became a lot slower from streaming this event. Our family gathered in an outdoor amphitheater (the backyard while maintaining a reasonable social distancing) and enjoyed this play together.

A Referral Could Earn You Up to $500

Do you know a business that needs an IT team committed to great customer experience?

Refer them to Adept Solutions and you could receive up to $500!

Here's how it works:

1. Call or email us the referral business's contact information.
NOTE: A qualifying company will have a minimum of 10 users.

Get a Red Phish and IT Security Training

You open your inbox and nestled among the usual emails from vendors, clients, and employees is an email you weren't expecting.

It is from a friend you haven't heard from in a long time, and he is writing to ask a favor. Suspicious, right?  But how do you know for sure it is a phishing attempt?

If you had a red phish in your email menu, you wouldn't have to wonder.

What Technology Questions Do You Have?

In the 15 years Adept Solutions has been in business, we’ve seen technology become the dominant factor in business growth.

Do you want to streamline processes? Increase productivity? Reduce expenses? Keep data safe? Improve communication? Increase customer satisfaction? Technology is the key to each of these goals and the key to being competitive in your industry.