The Five FoundationServices of Managed IT

IT Infrastructure

If your IT infrastructure isn’t working, your business isn’t working. Your infrastructure includes everything that allows your company to use and store data whether in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud environment. It joins your computers, devices, virtual and remote assets, printers, wi-fi, phone systems, switches, routers, cabling, storage systems and more.  IT infrastructure is everything that supports and keeps your IT operations running---and your business running.

The chart below details the IT Infrastructure services offered by Adept Solutions. Take a look and let us know if you have questions---we are always ready to talk IT!

Let’s talk about your IT Infrastructure

Adept Solutions Managed IT Services

IT Infrastructure

Your IT should just work!

Included Add-on Option
Network Management

What it is: Network Management provides reliable data transfer within your network.  Management includes 24/7 proactive monitoring, performance analysis and optimization of your Wi-Fi, workstations and hardware components. This service is available for cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise, and data center environments.

Why you want it: Problems are prevented before they happen.

Line of Business Applications Management

What it is: LOB Management oversees all the essential business applications critical to running your business. The service includes troubleshooting, performing updates, and facilitating issues with LOB vendors.

Why you want it: You have optimized business applications without maintenance responsibilities.

Preventative Maintenance

What it is: Preventative Maintenance is a scheduled service that ensures your equipment is operating correctly. Regular inspections and health checks are performed and hardware is cleaned. Potential issues are detected and corrected proactively.

Why you want it: Your hardware investment is maximized and downtime is minimized.

Server Management

What it is: Server Management is the process of maintaining and monitoring your servers so they operate at optimal performance. The service includes system health checks, and managing configurations and updates.

Why you want it: Server problems are prevented before they happen.

Vendor Management 

What it is: Vendor Management is a liaison role between your company and third-party IT vendors. The service includes managing contacts, escalations, and facilitations with vendors of your IT infrastructure components.

Why you want it: You are free of time-draining vendor interactions.

Documentation Service

What it is: This service documents your company's technology and network structure information. Documented information includes: assets, vendors, applications, warranties, licenses, and operating procedures.

Why you want it: Documentation details, warranties, and licenses are taken of care of for you.

Structured Cabling

What it is: Structured Cabling is a professional cabling service. Cabling options include data, fiber optic, wifi/wireless, VoIP, voice, video, audio and more. Licensed installers meet your business requirements while adhering to ANSI, local and county requirements.

Why you want it:  You get a stable, reliable cabling system that supports your network now and in the future.

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