CEO article: How Can Technology Help Your Business—Right Now, part 2

CEO article: How Can Technology Help Your Business—Right Now, part 2

Last month I talked about two ways technology can help you be a key contributor in your industry: sharing files in the cloud, and increasing teamwork through collaboration.  While each of these features are technology based, they are also part of the innovation that is transforming our business environment. 

Here are two more important ways technology can help your company grow—right now.

1. Make Security Core to Operations

In the age of the internet, data security is just as important as physical security for your offices. A variety of tools exist to keep your business data safe in a world of malware, phishing, host file redirect schemes and more.  The most important thing the modern small business can do is integrate security so deeply into daily operations, that management and employees don’t treat it as a special event--computing security simply is there at all levels, all the time.

While anti-virus and anti-malware products are essential, they can never keep you completely safe.  The most important part of any security protocol is consistent employee training. Your team must understand how to safely access the internet and what precautions to take with emails attachments and links that can allow unwanted ransomware or spyware into your business.

To make your security iron-clad, make sure you have both on-premise and cloud based full image back-up.  Having one on-site allows you to quickly get back to work if your data is compromised, and the extra cloud based back-up will protect you if a disaster hits your physical office.
You can also securely access content anywhere with Multi-factor Authentication when you’re away from the corporate network ... which leads us to our next topic.

2. Work On-the-Go or Remotely

Working remotely means less time commuting and less stress. What’s more, employees who work from home are often happier, better connected to their jobs and more productive.

For example, while we at Adept Solutions usually come to the office, there are times we work virtually.  After hours, during flood evacuations or even when personal needs keep us from coming in, everyone can work from his or her home office. Without shared files, collaboration tools, and a variety of mobile devices we wouldn’t be able to operate.  Think about ways to make your team’s work environment more flexible.

We Can Help!

Adept Solutions can assist your business as you adjust to the future of technology and innovation.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call to talk about your thoughts or concerns about how technology can fuel your growth, 530-751-5100.