CEO Conversation: What happens in Las Vegas…

CEO Conversation: What happens in Las Vegas…

At 4:30 Monday morning, October 2nd, our alarm went off and Patty I sprinted to get ready for a trip to the airport and then a short flight to Las Vegas for a conference with a key strategic vendor.  As we headed down the road, we had the radio on a classical station and enjoyed the relaxing music as we dashed to make our early flight.  After checking in and arriving at our gate, Patty went to get some water at one of the stores and came back looking ashen, and told me she had seen on TV a report of a senseless killing that had taken place the night before at a hotel about a mile from where our conference was being held. 

While much has been said about the demented individual who perpetrated this heinous act, I want to talk about the endless acts of selflessness and bravery that took place.

We need to remember that many put themselves between this murderer and their loved ones. We need to praise those who ran back into a dangerous situation to provide lifesaving aid or hope to those who thought their situation was hopeless.  Between the 22,000 who were in attendance and the hundreds of first responders, our hearts are full as they responded bravely in the midst of this cowardly act.  Thank you for who you are, and what you did.

Many years ago, when taking Driver’s Education, our teacher pointed out that if there is an obstacle in the road to look away from it.  He explained that when you look at something you subconsciously steer towards it.  Let’s not steer towards this grievous act by focusing on this despicable individual, but let’s look at those who showed the courage and will to be earthly angels to those in need.  I think of the Prophet Elisha when surrounded by an innumerable enemy comforted those who were afraid by saying “fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.”  Their eyes were opened and they saw they were surrounded by heavenly angels, just like we must take comfort as we are surrounded by those who are good, brave and loving…if our eyes can be focused them.

Sadly, many were affected by this event, some more closely than others. The Adept team was not immune to this carnage as one of the Adept family lost a loved one and our hearts are broken along with their extended family.   While this emptiness does not go away, we can fill part of it by giving service, love and our means to those who are affected.  Along with this tragedy in Las Vegas, we see homes and lives lost with the fires that have plagued this region.  There are many opportunities, wherever we are, to give service and offer solace and support for those in need.  I hope that in all of this, we take the time look up and see all those wonderful angels who are with us each day whether at home or at our workplaces...for there are more that are with us than are with them.