At your service: Meet your technical team

At your service: Meet your technical team

Adept Solutions’ team of engineers keep the technology your business uses up and running. They’re the ones you’ll talk to when you call the Help Desk and (who you’ll see) troubleshooting for solutions onsite. Our engineers spend a great deal of time doing preventative maintenance on your devices as well. Under the direction of our service manager, Nick, they tackle your tickets and research the latest tech trends in your field. Adept Solutions also believes in maintaining a level of excellence, which means keeping our engineers up to date on all certifications and supporting advanced education.

Adept’s engineers’ technical knowledge is what qualifies them for the role, but their personalities and communication skills are why we love having them on our team. Our clients appreciate their fast response times, ease of communication and ability to educate users regardless of their tech knowledge.

When you need assistance with your business’ technology, here is who you can expect to work with:

Meet Jesse

Jesse has spent the last two years working with Adept Solutions as a computer engineer. Jesse lives for chasing and accomplishing goals and the new challenges that happen daily in the IT world make work fun for him. He’d love for our clients to remember, “For every problem, there is always a solution. Don’t give up hope!” Jesse is ready to tackle your challenges, just as long as they don’t include spiders.


Meet Benjie

For eight years, Benjie has been an essential part of Adept Solutions’ team of engineers. Benjie loves learning and mastering new technology and passing along the knowledge he acquires. Like many engineers, Benjie knows the importance of restarting your computer and advises clients to do it on a weekly basis when possible. He’s not afraid to turn off his device and challenge you to just about any board game either!

Meet Jon

Jon has worked in IT support for three and a half years. With technology as the backbone of everything from business to commerce today, he loves being an engineer because it allows him to be a driving force behind the economy and everyday life. When working with clients, he emphasizes the importance of them knowing they can and should contact us for IT support. And when he isn’t helping clients, you can probably find Jon outside, riding his bike or camping.

Meet Phillip

Fueled by the internet, Phillip’s love of technology led to him working as an engineer for the last fourteen years. With so many new learning resources available, he is constantly keeping up with the latest technology trends. To our clients, Phillip says, “I really, really enjoy providing the best IT support to you. It makes me happy when you are happy.” Phillip is quick to greet others with a huge grin and is always fun to work with.

Meet Eric

Eric has been in computer engineering for over fifteen years and has no wish to change. And as much as he enjoys working with computers, he likes helping the people who use them even better. The best piece of advice he provides to clients is, “Always restart your computer before calling for support. Issues often disappear or correct themselves with a reboot.” When he’s not behind his desk or yours, Eric is out on the town and most likely tearing up the dance floor.

Meet Brian

Brain started working in the tech world with IBM punch cards in college over 30 years ago. His engineering and mechanical background combined with an enjoyment of troubleshooting made working with computers a good fit. And while he loves computers, it’s supporting people who use them that make him want to show up each day. If Brian could share just one thing with our clients, it’s to “embrace technology and take advantage of the tools available to thrive in this fast-paced world of change.” He’s also a big family man, with two adorable grandchildren that he is quick to show pictures of and gush over.

Meet Nick

Over the last six years, Nick has gained the engineering experience needed to lead our service team. Every day presents unique challenges, which is something Nick loves to face. Nick’s “all in this together” mindset reaches beyond his team and to our clients. He’s not too shabby on the basketball court either.