How Do I Know Which Computer is Right for Me?

How Do I Know Which Computer is Right for Me?

Purchasing the right device for your business can be trickyWith so many options to choose from, how do you find the one that will let you blaze through your work load with ease?    

Start by Asking the Right Questions 

Answering these questions can help direct you to your perfect device. 

  • What job is the computer going to do? The computer needs required in a front receptionist space are different than the needs of a device in the doctor’s procedure room.  
  • Which applications need to run on the device? Review the specifications required to run any applications needed for your work. This is important. If you purchase a computer that does not meet the requirements for your programs, the computer may not run well or may not run at all.  Vendors may not be very supportive if you have not followed the guidelines they set for the required hardware. Vendors do a lot of testing to make sure the requirements they recommend are going to provide for a good experience running their software. 
  • What speed and processing power to you need?  Will you have multiple tabs or programs running at once? How fast you need it and the workload it needs to handle are key specifications too. The workload determines the size of the hard drive, the processor and amount of RAM required. 
  • What extras do you want? Would dual monitors make work easier? Are Bluetooth keyboards and mice a necessity for this workstation? Also, if it’s a laptop, do you want a docking station? We always recommend surge protectors and battery backups. These two ensure better protection of your data and equipment. 

Don’t Forget the Warranty! 

Adept Solutions recommends three-year warranties for all devices and longer warranties for servers. You should also note that it is typically more expensive to extend a warranty than just get a new machine when the time comes. Explore what other coverage options there are for your new device, too. For laptops on the go, accident coverage might be a good idea.  

Should I Buy Off the Shelf, or Go Through My IT Company? 

If you decide to purchase the computer on your own, be aware 

  • that what might seem like a great deal could end up costing more. Basic models usually result in needing additional parts or a different operating system. If you aren’t comfortable making the changes/additions to the system, you will also incur the cost of IT assistance. 
  • it takes time to research specifications and search for the best deal. Could this time be better spent on your core work competency versus shopping around for a computer?  

Your IT company can save you time, and often money, when it comes to finding the right device. Adept Solutions will ask you the above questions to understand exactly what you want and need. We take off the bloatware and other useless items that come prepackaged with the device, and work with you to add the programs you need, and the shortcuts and bookmarks you want so you are ready to get to work! 

Whether you’re looking for guidance or purchasing, Adept Solutions is here to help. Call us today 530-751-5100!