The Five Foundation Services of IT Support

Outsourced IT Support

Reduce cost & improve technology

What does great customer service look like? We think you will see it is a priority for our entire staff, but you will especially see it in our engineer team. At the conclusion of every service request, they send a customer satisfaction survey—and it’s all about the smiley faces. They answer your service calls directly, work hard to meet SLA’s, are patient and professional, document all work done, and follow up to make sure everything is still working. Great Customer Service? Yes, our outsourced IT support engineers can show you what it looks like.

Could your internal IT team use some help? Having an outsourced IT services partner can lighten the burden on your internal IT team, reduce hiring & training costs, and add professional expertise to your organization. As companies grow and IT teams have more workstations and users to maintain, outsourcing your IT to Adept Solutions can heavily increase the efficiency of your business.

We provide outsourced IT support and outsourced IT services to companies in the Colusa, CA area. Adept Solutions is a local preferred outsourced IT company with experience helping SMBs and enterprises with their technology management. Our team is available for project outside the basic supplemental plan when needed also.

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Selling Success

We are in the business of selling success. That means we give you the right IT, at the right time, specific to your company, so you are positioned to compete in your industry, protect your data and grow your business.

Outsourced IT is a great option for companies without the internal bandwidth to tackle advanced or daily ongoing IT issues and companies that lack a budget for any form of an internal IT department. Our outsourced IT service plans are created to benefit your business and your needs, the more stable and reliable your IT environment is- the more we both benefit and grow!

Technology is a vital part of any business's growth equation but it's an aspect of business development that is usually left until the last minute. A proper technology infrastructure doesn't have to take years to set up and unreasonable financial investments. Our outsourced IT support services can help your organization fill in the missing pieces and plan for future growth and optimizations. We are your trusted resource to assist your organization with IT issues and challenges to ensure they are promptly resolved.

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