The Five FoundationServices of Managed IT

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The world of IT can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, let alone keeping up with advancements and innovations. An IT consultant can make life easier and can play a vital role in your company.

Adept Solutions is a trusted provider of IT consulting services in Woodland, CA.  As an IT consulting business, we are staffed with a team of experts who can help you with all of your information technology needs.  If you are in search of an IT consulting company, you've come to the right place.

Our managed services include regular business reviews with account managers who provide transparency into the effectiveness of your IT and recommendations for change. They focus on your IT infrastructure, security, compliance and customer satisfaction.

A step above our managed consulting is the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) role, which offers advice on strategic planning for IT goals, creates an IT budget and develops a road map for growth. They also monitor changes or advancements in technology and look for ways to implement innovations to give your company a competitive edge.

Look at the consulting offerings below and determine which option best suits your business.

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Adept Solutions Managed IT Services

IT Consulting

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Included Add-on Option
Technology Business Reviews Reveal the strength and weaknesses of your company’s IT. Regular meetings with your account manager reviews IT initiatives and IT infrastructure performance.

Result: Reviews provide transparency into IT services’ effectiveness and value and sets the course for any changes to infrastructure and initiatives.

Client Project Management Projects delivered on budget and on time. Projects big or small are managed through strategic planning, consistent communication, custom solutions and professional installation.

Result: Project consultation and implementation can help you achieve business goals.

Virtual Chief Information Officer High level strategic advice and guidance. A vCIO formulates an IT budget, ensures operational efficiencies and optimal performance, directs and organizes IT- related projects, monitors technology changes and advancements to find ways the company can gain a competitive edge.

Result: You have a strategic partner and resource focused on your business goals.

Compliancy Management Tools and guidance for compliance regulations. Become compliant with the law and maintain your industry’s compliance going forward through security risk assessments, assistance with policies, staff training and ongoing support.

Result: You have a partner to guide you through the compliancy maze.