Cloud Services

Is the Cloud right for my business?

Is the Cloud right for my business? How can my business benefit from utilizing cloud services? What is the financial and operational impact of moving some or all of my IT functions to the Cloud? Most business owners are wisely asking these or similar questions about IT cloud services, and Adept Solutions can provide answers.

Our team of engineers will help you assess the benefits of cloud computing for your business environment. We analyze your business applications, processes, and bandwidth capacity and then educate you on the Cloud options that will fit and enhance your business.

By moving some or all of your IT operations and infrastructure to cloud managed services, your company can benefit from an operational expense model, as opposed to a capital expense model. Additionally, you can get out of the continual refresh and upgrade cycle that can be difficult to plan for and implement.

Our engineers will consult and recommend options tailored to your business from our full suite of IT cloud services, including the following:

Microsoft Office 365

Adept Solutions is an authorized Microsoft Office 365 provider. This is an easy way to make the transition to Cloud computing.  Our team is trained on the various flavors of Microsoft’s Office 365 offering and has installed and converted many users from on-premise to this cloud solution. We will consult with your company to tailor the right Office 365 solution for your needs

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Adept Solutions offers cloud based backup and disaster recovery options for your valuable data. Our backup service delivers unparalleled data protection and business continuity. The service combines powerful imaged based, bare metal backup software that can be paired with a powerful on-site appliance that provides both local and off-site data protection.  Companies that lose data or even entire servers can be restored and back online with lightning speed.  We can design a secure, redundant backup strategy for your company.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

For decades, most businesses relied on an in-house server, or group of servers, as the central processing power of their company’s local or wide-area network. While these networks worked well, they required continual support, continual care and feeding from a refresh and upgrade standpoint.  Today, Adept Solutions Project Team will consult with you to design infrastructure in the cloud that will operate seamlessly and provide you better resiliency and redundancy.  Additionally, you can easily add or reduce processing power, data storage, memory and bandwidth.  Infrastructure as a Service simply means having the flexibility and agility to harness data center infrastructure and use it as your own.  Free yourself from the cycle of designing and refreshing a premise based infrastructure with a powerful and flexible Cloud based infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Services is a dynamic area of our business and new options are advancing rapidly. We will work with you to find the right options for your business.