Managed IT Services

Prevent IT issues and get IT support whenever you need it.

Adept Solutions Managed IT Service provides analysis, support, preventative measures and security together in one complete solution. We maintain the stability of your network infrastructure, network security, and backups for partner networks and for in-house technical teams.

An effective IT management solution will have engineers who do four things:

  • Support users
  • Deliver proactive system care
  • Monitor security
  • Guide future growth

We do all four through certified engineers who use best practices and best-in-class industry systems to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. For less than hiring a technician internally, you have our entire team of experts--at a predictable monthly fixed fee—working to give you the fastest, most reliable and secure IT solution possible.

Adept Solutions Managed IT Services includes:

Proactive System Care

We focus on ensuring that nothing breaks. Our 24/7 monitoring system generates immediate alerts for critical issues, warning us that something is failing, filling up or running near capacity.  This allows us to take action before a problem impacts your business. Regular health checks and tune ups for servers and workstations, both remotely and onsite, help keep systems running smoothly.  Anticipating problems before they become problems can save you time and money.

User Support

We focus on two objectives: 1) to keep your team working at the highest possible level and 2) to exceed all expectations for service. Most issues are resolved remotely, with onsite service scheduled as necessary. Our Adept Connect Desktop Icon means quick support is just a couple of clicks away. You have fast, unlimited support service, whether you have 1 or 99 questions a month.

Vendor Management

Organizations work with an increasing variety of technology-related vendors, but those vendors tend to deflect blame and refuse to work as a cohesive technology team.  As your IT partner, we communicate with all of your technology vendors and manage those gaps in communication. We facilitate vendor relations to get your applications running smoothly, take care of change requests, and ensure your software has the latest required updates.

Compliance Management

We remove the mysteries of compliance requirements by providing management of IT reporting and auditing to help meet common regulatory standards such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.

Business Continuity

It’s not a matter of if you lose your data, only when.  Data loss is inevitable.  So, how do you get data back and keep working?  Adept Solutions offers a hybrid on-site/off-site cloud backup solution that is monitored 24/7, and regularly tests your data restoration to ensure business continuity—whether due to a cyber breach, natural disaster or man-made error.

Strategic Planning

We work to understand your business and goals.  Then we help manage and guide your technology decisions or will be a resource to your in-house IT staff. Just like having a full-time employee, your VCIO will call you to review the ongoing health of your network. You can discuss strategic growth plans and additional ways that your business can leverage technology in an Annual Business Review. Each year we'll work with you to establish an annual Technology Plan to forecast your hardware and software requirements and establish a technology budget. Our technical knowledge and third-party objectivity can help you simplify and streamline your infrastructure to enhance performance and cut unnecessary costs.  Our goal is to be one step ahead of your strategic plans.

By providing a solutions-based approach to your technology problems, Adept Solutions is able to eliminate the day-to-day tasks that interrupt your focus. We take pride in our ability to utilize state-of-the-art tools to deliver optimal uptime, network and data protection, and peace of mind to business owners.