How can I store data in the cloud?

How can I store data in the cloud?

By Eric Salinas

Cloud Storage is the practice of using "the cloud" for storing data and has been trending for a few years, but what does it mean? Having some basic understanding of what is kept in the cloud and why or how people use it, will help you determine how to use it for your business.

Like most businesses, your company probably has important files that are needed for day to day operations.  Traditional business practices for storing data are:

  • Saving files on a single personal computer
  • Saving files on multiple computers
  • Saving files on a single server or computer that everyone can access from their respective workstations

Cloud-Based Storage Solutions

Picking the right cloud-based storage solutions can be tricky with so many options. The right fit for your business depends on what your desired goal is. When researching a solution, be sure to consider the following options and how they will impact your workflow:

  • Collaboration: All production files are moved to a cloud service and everyone accesses them from that service using their web browser. Files can be accessed anywhere, not just at the office.
  • Storage Only: This is when the selected files are copied to a cloud service for safe keeping only without an automatic process for updating them. Files are accessed internally at the office.
  • Flexible Backup Storage: Programs running under this model use schedules and additional options to back up files to the cloud. This can also include a local backup copy of what is placed in the cloud.
  • Hybrid: This is when a collaboration in the cloud and a copy of the updated files at the local office are required.

If using cloud storage, sounds right for your business, take your time when sorting through your options. Information on your current setup will influence the best fit for your business, so make sure you know how much data there is to be moved, the type of storage that aligns with your goals (collaboration, storage only, flexible backup storage or hybrid), and how you want your data protected (redundancy plan). Keep in mind, the more protection and function needed the higher the cost.

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