What is the cloud and how can you use it for your business?

What is the cloud and how can you use it for your business?

By: Kayla Schmitz

If you’ve made it to 2019 and still have no clue what people really mean when they talk about cloud computing, better known as “the cloud,” you’re not alone. The tech industry loves using buzzwords with little to no explanation. As data and applications continuously gravitate towards being cloud-based, it’s more important than ever to know what’s going on. Let’s break down the basics of the cloud and see what it can do for your business.

Browser Access

The cloud is short for “cloud computing” and has nothing to do with the sky. It just means that you are working from the internet instead of from your computer. If an application is cloud-based, it means that it can be accessed through your preferred web browser, like Chrome or Firefox. Everyday examples of cloud-based applications are: Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, and Netflix.

Offline Options

And even though cloud-based applications are encrypted, it is possible to have your files hacked, applications offer a “work offline” mode, but a quality WIFI connection is needed to maximize the cloud’s benefits. It uses data to transfer files, which creates issues for people with limited data allowances.

Reduce Costs

The cloud also offers up opportunities to free up space on your device with cloud-based storage. Most storage options are free up to a certain capacity, too. Clearing up space on your hard drive by uploading to the cloud creates a more stable system for your computer. Remote servers can now do more than store things for you, they also handle the work that your computer previously did, which reduces the need and cost of a high performing computer.

Mobile Office

Using the cloud for your business can create a new way to operate. One of the biggest perks the cloud offers is the ability to create a mobile office. Employees can log into the applications from anywhere they have internet, virtually replicating what was previously only available on their physical workstation. With the cloud, business can carry on seamlessly while you’re on the go.


The cloud is more secure than storing locally if your device isn’t encrypted. Cloud-based applications are encrypted making it more difficult to hack, but they are not foolproof. You will want to shop for a cloud provider who has a reputation for security, and you will still need to practice security best practices including password management and backups for your data.

Overall, the cloud offers many benefits to users, especially small businesses. It can reduce costs as the need for high performing machines goes away. Applications running on the cloud make working together easier since files can be accessed remotely on any device. Hacking risks are reduced, and efficiency is improved from passing off the workload to other devices. At Adept Solutions, we offer and support various cloud-based solutions for our clients. These solutions include e-mail, file-sharing, storage and beyond.

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