What in the World Backup Day?

What in the World Backup Day?

There is no shortage of new holidays these days and some are downright bizarre (National Spaghetti Day anyone?). World Backup Day, however, is a newer holiday that you won’t want to skip.

What is World Backup Day?

Originating in 2011, World Backup Day was created to bring awareness to the importance of backing up data.  A backup, or backing up your data, simply means a duplicate copy of your files was created and stored in a safe location, separate from the original. The message of World Backup Day is simple:  If you don’t have your files, memories and other important data backed up—back them up!  If you do have a backup strategy—check to insure it is effective and functioning properly.

How Important Are Backups – Really?

Backed up data is data that can be restored in the event of an IT or physical catastrophe.   When it comes to disasters, it’s not a matter of if but when, and the stats to prove it are frightening. According to Acronis, every ten seconds someone is hit by ransomware. And if your files seem safe from cyber-attacks (which they aren’t), you still could find yourself among the rest of the population who lost a total of $330 billion last year from files destroyed by natural disasters. The effects of catastrophes don’t usually clear up quickly either. Acronis also shared that 40% of business operations cease within one year of critical IT failure, 80% of businesses close within three years of a major disaster, and a whopping 93% of businesses file for bankruptcy within a year if blocked from their data for ten or more days.

What are the Best Backup Options?

There are two general choices for backups:  Physical devices or cloud solutions.

  • Physical backup devices: This is the traditional option, whether it be USB flash drive or external hard drive.   These devices allow for quick, offline data recovery options but will come with an upfront purchase price. Also, keep in mind these devices can be stolen or lost, so no matter which physical device you back up to, make sure it’s encrypted. Physical backup devices are also susceptible to damage in a natural disaster.
  • Cloud backup solutions: The cloud has opened a whole new world of backup options. Cloud backups are generally subscription based with no upfront charges. They also ensure your data will be safe, even if your physical location is compromised. Another benefit of the cloud is it lets users access files on the go. You can learn more about cloud-based backup solutions here.

This World Backup Day take time to ensure that your data is protected.

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