Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide for the Tech- Savvy Dad

This year, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th. Do you have a dad in your life who doesn’t need any more ties or golf balls? The dads of Adept Solutions put together the ultimate shopping guide for all technology loving fathers out there, and it’s not all computers! Technology comes in many forms and can enhance all areas of your dad’s life.

With our guide, you are sure to find the right gift for Dad and within budget. Here are ten, Dads-of-Adept-Solutions-Approved, gifts for the techie father in your life and links to purchase them.

  1. For the dad who codes: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B -$34.99  Is your father looking for a new hobby? This small, affordable computer can teach Dad programming!
  2. For the dad with something to lose: Etekcity Smart Scale - $24.99  If your dad is on a health kick or wanting to “lighten up,” this smart scale might be the right gift for him! Etekcity’s scale is highly reviewed and connects to phones via Bluetooth for easy syncing with his favorite health apps.
  3. For the forgetful father: Tile Mate and Slim Combo Pack - $37.90  Whether or not it’s true for your father, there is a stereotype that exists about fathers being forgetful. Help your dad out with a Tile tracker. The Tile Mate and Slim Combo Pack come with attachments for key rings and luggage, as well as thin, card shaped trackers to slide in his wallet so that never goes missing either.
  4. For the control freak: Smart Plug -$33.98  Any device can become a smart device with these plugs. With an app, Dad can turn things on and off or set to a timer, all from his phone!
  5. For Mr. Organized: Cord Tacos -$7.55  Help Dad keep his cords straight with Cord Tacos.
  6. For the anti-dad bod: FitBit Ionic - $209.01  Fitbit has come out with their latest, all-around fitness watch, FitBit Iconic. This watch can track sleep, heart rate, steps, music, GPS and more!
  7. For the dad who likes to Netflix…: Streaming Media Stick -$39.99  Amazon’s mighty, streaming media stick just got even more powerful. With Alexa Voice Remote, Dad can quickly find the right show or movie to watch from all his favorite streaming platforms.
  8. For the barbecuing dad: Long-Range Smart Meat Thermometer -$99  With summertime right around the corner, get Dad grill-ready. This smart thermometer allows users to monitor what’s on the grill from their phone, so Dad can chill while he grills.
  9. For the hands-on dad: Build Your Own Game Console -$59.36  MAKERbuino’s kit is great for the father who likes to use his hands and do projects with his kids. It’s a great introduction to robotics, with the capability to build his own Game Boy.
  10. For the lit dad: Electric Fire Starter -$65.34  This eco-friendly fire starter heats things up in a minute and eliminates the need for lighter fluid. Great to use with charcoal and wood!

And for the business owning father, don’t forget about the gift of a great IT company referral! Give us a call today to learn more about how we can transform your business!  530-751-5100