Meet Our Executive Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Adept’s Executive Team is comprised of Business Development and Administration combined efforts to support clients and the Adept Team. The Business Development Team takes the lead on managing projects, sales, marketing, compliance, client education and solutions research, while the Admin Team is who you reach out to for invoicing and payment support as well as procurement. The Administration side also works on recruiting the best and the brightest for our Adept Team, develops on-going team training and creates a culture that reflects our company values of trust, excellence and team work.

Here are the members of our executive team:

Meet Chayney

Chayney has a technical background and has been working in IT support for eight years. She loves how technology is always evolving, so there is always more to learn. Chayney loves to help others overcome the daunting feeling technology can create and showing our clients new ways they can embrace technology. She’s also a planner fanatic and is currently obsessed with Japanese stationary, so if you need help getting organized, give her a call!

Meet Patrick

For the last twenty years, Patrick has devoted his livelihood to technology. He enjoys the ease that computers can add to our lives and the many ways they work for us. If there is just one thing Patrick could share with our clients, it’s that your vacations are better when Adept Solutions is managing your technology, so let us! Just keep a close eye on this guy. He’s known around the office as a prankster!

Meet Geoff

As one of Adept Solutions founding brothers, Geoff has worked in IT for over eighteen years. He loves puzzles, which makes troubleshooting issues and finding innovative solutions an obvious fit for him. His passion and excitement for the work is truly contagious. Geoff preaches the importance of being mindful of the emails our clients receive, teaching them how to spot fake email addresses and scams. He was also named after Geoffrey the Giraffe, which works for us considering he’s the tallest member of our team.

Meet Patty

Patty dove right into the IT support industry when she and her husband, Larry, bought Adept Solutions in 2010. She finds technology to be a fascinating, fast-paced, everchanging industry. One of her favorite things about working at Adept is watching the engineers get so excited about solutions they want to implement for clients. Other things on Patty’s favorites list include reading good books and eating big bowls of ice cream!

Meet Larry

For over 32 years, Larry has kept a foot in the tech world. “It’s a fun fight to keep up with technology and things are never the same.” Larry emphasizes the importance of sharing your business goals with us, because, “There are technological solutions out there for everything, but we can’t help you get there if you don’t let us.” And when you see him around, be sure to ask him for stories from growing up in Wyoming. He’s got some good ones and it’s worth it to see the way his face lights up when he shares them.