What Costs Are There to Outsourcing My IT Management?

"What does it cost to outsource my IT management?" is a question we often receive --and that has prompted me to write this blog.  My goal is to give you a good approximation of what it costs to have us partner with you to manage your network.  My first response to the question of cost is to say ‘it depends’.  This might sound like a cop-out, but it is certainly true. There are different needs for different businesses and we adjust our services to your needs. With this in mind, I thought I would cover the general points in this article, and if you want me to be more specific…give me a call and I would be happy to talk to you.

Augmented IT

Some companies already have an internal IT department but might be challenged by attrition of qualified personnel, coverage during vacations, on-going project needs or after hours support.  In an environment of full employment, there are many times when there is a need for additional hands and a more updated knowledge of the technology landscape.  At Adept Solutions, we can provide you with additional hands and brains to look at solutions that will make your company's technology run smoother and solve those on-going technology problems that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals.

Augmentation prices can start anywhere from $35 per user and up depending on your current infrastructure, and pricing will reflect the amount of support that is needed. From desktops and servers to enhanced security programs, we can develop a service that fits your needs.

Full IT support

Most of our current partners have us take over their entire network and become their internal IT provider.  We become part of the team and make sure the technology and support reflect the business needs of our partner.  Prices can start around $100 per user and climb north of $130 depending on some of the unique demands of your businesses.

It’s like buying a car--what you pay depends on the needs you have and the extras you want. We have different options depending on the size and speed of backups you prefer and how data intense your business is. The commonality for our unique configuration for your network is: (1) Remote monitoring and maintenance, (2) robust anti-virus, (3) a backup system that has local and cloud retention--at a minimum--along with verification that your business dependent programs are test restored and verified so you can be working quickly, (4) a business-grade firewall. Additional DNS security and training can be deployed to help your employees understand the best security practices.

Full support with Compliance and Augmented Security

As more sensitive information becomes available on our internal networks, and as we have need to share some of this data, governmental and industry standards can add more complexity to your business and require higher protection protocols.  If you require HIPAA, FINRA, PCI or other compliance programs or have to provide documented audit trails for each person in your organization, these may require more sophisticated software and a security operation center (SOC) to monitor your security 24/7. Depending on your needs, prices can be anywhere from $150 to $200 per user in those high-security businesses.

As I said at the beginning when someone asks about costs I will always reply with ‘it depends’ because as you can see, there are a lot of different solutions based on your needs. Whether it is staff augmentation or if you require many layers of security, you can depend on our IT at Adept Solutions.

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