New Engineer Spotlight

New Engineer Spotlight

Meet Our Newest IT Engineer, Romesh Kapadia

Romesh Kapadia's resume includes a BSc IT degree (Bachelor of Science in Information Technology) and nine years of employment with our largest software provider, Continuum.  He brings to our team experience in managing security updates, desktop support, and backup management.

What Romesh likes most about working for Adept is “every day I learn something new.” He enjoys his work colleagues explaining, “We make fun of each other and none of them feels offended as we all know that when tough times come, we all stand by each other.”

To get on Romesh’s good side, make sure you are on time. He does not like tardiness or being slow. He explains, “I do not like being late, and I love speed, whether it is on my bike or in my work.”

Yes, he has a bike. A Kawasaki Ninja 300 to be exact.  He loves traveling to new places.  And there are a lot of places to explore in Mumbai, which is his home and India’s largest city, a financial center, and a principal port. Beaches, religious and historical sites, wildlife sanctuaries, and all kinds of outdoor activities are all easy weekend getaways.

When he’s not working with the team making sure your backup is backing up and your updates are happening, his absolute favorite thing is spending time with his wife of 5 years and 9-month-old Kiara, his “princess.”

With technology making the world smaller, employees can work remotely from anywhere and be an important asset to a business.  Even though Romesh wakes up every morning in Mumbai, India--his skills, personality and work ethic make him a valuable Adept Solutions team member.