Data Security–3 Easy Things You Can Do!

Data Security–3 Easy Things You Can Do!

We know you are busy running your business and taking time to think about Data Security isn't top of mind. But here are three things you can do to prevent data theft.

Easy things. You can do. We promise. And they will significantly increase security for your valuable data.

Your Webcam--Cover It!

It’s a fact cybercriminals use webcams to spy. They can see your surroundings, see the people you are with and determine where you are located. With this information, they can hold you ransom by threatening to broadcast your most vulnerable and private moments if you don’t meet their payment demands.

Fortunately, guarding yourself against spying hackers is easy.

Cover your webcam.

You can use regular tape or you buy a cheap webcam cover. 

Privacy Guards--Add Them!

Privacy guards are thin covers you attach to your computer, laptop, or phone that limits viewing angles.

Once installed, anyone looking at your screen from any angle — except straight-on — sees nothing. 

Privacy filters are especially useful when working with sensitive or confidential data. But if you want to prevent “shoulder surfing” — someone looking at your screen with or without ill intent--go ahead and add them to all of your devices.

An extra measure of data security and privacy is always worthwhile.

Two-factor Authentication--Yes, Add That Too!

Requiring two-factor authentication is now standard practice for many online resources. This means you access your account only after entering your password and the authentication code. The code is usually accessed by a text message sent to your cell phone or through an authenticator app.  

Setting up two-factor authentication isn't hard, but it does take some time to add this extra protection to your online programs. 

Call Us, We Can Help

If you need help setting up two-factor authentication or want to invest in privacy guards for your devices, give us a call--we are always happy to assist.

Keep safe!