How to Request IT Support

As a Managed Service Provider, we provide IT support to businesses. Clients can contact us 24/7/365 for unlimited support. Like many MSPs, Adept Solutions handles support requests through a ticketing system.  

How Do You Request Support? 

Adept Solutions offers three ways to submit a ticket: 

  • Some users choose to submit tickets via phone by calling 530-751-5100. 
  • We also offer a desktop application for specific clients called “Adept Connect.” Utilization of Adept Connect requires simple user training and is a great fit for larger clients who rely heavily on IT.  

What Happens After You Submit a Ticket? 

Once a ticket is submitted, it lives in a queue, monitored by our service team until resolution. Response and resolution times vary by a determined priority defined by urgency and impact of issue. For example, an issue that affects your entire team and there is no work-around would be a priority 1 ticket. An issue that affects one user and doesn’t stop them from completing their tasks would be a priority 4 ticket. 

What Is Your Response and Resolution Times for Tickets? 

Our service team takes prides in delivering fast service.  Our goal is to always respond as quickly as possible and to have same day resolutions whenever feasible.  The following explains the response and resolution times assigned to a priority. 


  • Priority 1 tickets: time within 12 minutes; resolution goal within 4 hours. 
  • Priority 2 tickets: response time within 12 minutes; resolution goal within 9 hours.  
  • Priority 3 tickets: response time within 15 minutes; resolution goal within 16 hours.  
  • Priority 4 tickets: response time within 30 minutes; resolution goal within 36 hours.  

Clients should note that counted hours are within business hours, or between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. 

What’s the Fastest Way to Receive Support? 

Regardless of priority, following Adept Solutions’ ticketing process is always the fastest way to receive support and reach a resolution. Emailing one of our team members or speaking with them directly with a service request is helpful, but our clients will always be directed to create a ticket.  

Will You Come On-site to Fix the Issue? 

For efficiency, our service team handles most issues remotely, but there is no additional cost for resolutions that require on-site support.  

Should I Try to Fix Issues Myself? 

No request is too extraordinary or too minor to seek help, and it’s better to submit a ticket verses trying to solve it yourself. For clients who want to empower employees with resolution skills, we offer various educational tools and learning sessions. 

Adept Solutions is Here to Serve You 

Adept Solutions is here to provide top-level IT support and services for your business. Keeping your business up and running is of the highest priority to our team and we encourage clients to utilize our services to do that. Just send us an email or give us a call!