Is Strong Cyber Security Your ‘Miracle On the Hudson’?

Is Strong Cyber Security Your ‘Miracle On the Hudson’?

Patty and I attended an industry conference in Phoenix last month and heard Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger give a keynote address.  This pilot, who landed a plane on the Hudson River with 155 people aboard, gave an inspiring message focusing on the heroics of many people in the face of adversity.

One statement that jumped out at me was 'make important decisions based on facts, not fears or falsehoods and certainly not on big lies even if they are told loudly and often.' 

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, so let's focus on the challenges of cyber security with Captain Sully's admonition to make choices based on facts and not fear.

It’s About You

Being in the technology industry, we are bombarded with statistics about data breaches and horror stories of ransomware.  Cyber security is essential, but it must be  implemented in a way that makes sense for your business.

At Adept Solutions, it is our responsibility to understand your business and help you evaluate your security needs based on tough questions and the facts that come from the process.  Let us help you understand current cyber security needs specific to your business.

Technology Risk vs. Business risk

If one of your employees clicks on a link that has ransomware or a virus in it, that is a technology risk.  It means one person suffers the effects of the infection and cannot work efficiently.

When a cyber breach infects the whole network and the backup becomes encrypted, that is a business risk.  Identifying scenarios of business risks for your company is key to preventing them.

Everything is a Threat…the Sky is Falling

A lot of nights I am afraid to turn on the news because I will hear someone lecturing me on how the world is going to end or robots will take over the world.  When everything becomes a threat, then nothing is.

Visualize with me a pie cut into thirds.  We label one Data--another we call Information Technology and the third, Cyber security.  If we apply ownership to each of those pieces, we would say the data belongs to you, the information technology is our responsibility and the security is a joint effort.

Working together we can avoid "the sky is falling" mentality. Decisions will be based on the most relevant facts.

Brace for Impact’

Those are the words Captain ‘Sully’ gave over the intercom seconds before their plane splashed down in the Hudson River.  Flight 1549 was able to land safely because those piloting the plane had years of experience on how to respond to an emergency.

At Adept Solutions we focus on protection and prevention…but if an emergency occurs, we know how to respond and can deal with facts, not fear, to protect you and your business.

Let's talk. Let's develop a common-sense plan to provide you with the peace of mind you need to run your business.