Meet Our Newest Technician

Meet Our Newest Technician

Our newest engineer, Jonathan Weaver, built his first computer at age 13 with spare parts from his father’s garage. His passion for technology has led him to jobs with a variety of companies including Apple, Yuba City School District, and Red Tail software.

For the last four years, he has worked as a deskside engineer for the Centene Corporation handling escalated hardware and OS issues as well as working closely with staff to ensure smooth, daily operations.

What is it about technology that intrigues Jon?

“My favorite part about working with technology is the puzzle it can present; finding clues to why something isn't working the way it should, and then applying the best solution for the situation. Nothing like a good challenge to get the brain juices flowing.”

He also enjoys the challenge of expanding his technical knowledge and skill set. Besides constantly listening to tech-related podcasts and reading tech articles, he is working towards his CompTIA Server and Security certifications and plans to earn his CCNA Cert. His goal is to work with Network engineering or Network security.

When he isn’t doing tech work, he enjoys cooking, reading, anything Sci-Fi, and games—you name it, board games, video games, or card games, he has always enjoyed them all.

Jon was born in the Bay Area, raised in Antelope, CA, and has lived in various parts of Sacramento. But just a week ago, he moved to Olivehurst with his wife of 11 years, Kimberly. Hattori Junpei and Domino, their two cats, complete their household.

Why did Jon decide to join the Adept team?

“Because of the people. I have worked for some very large companies and that sense of family and commitment to each other was never there. There is nothing better than a team that shares the same goals and works together to achieve them. I am here to help the team.  Whether that is taking calls, working tickets, supporting our partners onsite or writing Knowledge Base articles, I’ll be here to support the team.”

Welcome, Jon!