Increase Employee Productivity with a Recharge Room

Increase Employee Productivity with a Recharge Room

What is a recharge room, and why do you need one? Any space in your office that provides a time-out from work pressures can be designated as your recharge room. Game rooms, meditation/yoga rooms, and even nap rooms can all provide a break from work stress. 

IMPORTANT: Employees must leave phones or other electronic devices outside the room. At first, they will experience separation anxiety. But it won't take long before the thought of not answering the phone or a text brings relief.

The goal is to get your team to relax, collaborate, or get some minimal exercise. Here are some themes and purposes for this room.

  • Meditation / Yoga rooms can be big enough for a floor mat and a small table on which to provide music. Meditation practitioners say that five minutes of quiet mindfulness can do wonders. It can help concentration and improve sleep, breathing, and focus throughout the day. Stretching and yoga are also reflective, can quiet the mind, and improve blood flow and energy.
  • Spas or massage rooms are another big hit. Bring in a massage chair or a massage therapist each month. Even a 10-minute massage can release tension and relieve pressure. Sometimes ergonomics and sit-stand desks aren't enough. A good massage can be the best medicine to get back in the fray with more energy and drive.
  • Nap rooms are an idea many would have frowned upon even a few years ago. But employers realize a sleep-deprived staff member isn't at their best. The typical solution—swigging coffee—can lead to jittery extremities and disjointed thoughts. A power nap is a better option. A small room big enough for a hammock or a couch can do wonders for someone under deadline, who has put in some long hours. Maintaining a reservation program for the room could also ensure that someone doesn't oversleep.
  • Electronics-free rooms are the underpinning of all these rooms. So many of us feel like a slave to our smartphones or tablets. The ping of an incoming email or text has us checking our screens every few minutes. Permitting ourselves to disconnect can relieve stress. It can help with the fear of missing out, which leads to information overload.

Everybody should take a break. Growing up on our family farm in Wyoming, my days started early and often ended late. I remember always taking a mid-day nap — not over 10-15 minutes. Afterward, I felt like I could conquer the world.

A room to recharge can help the workday be less stressful and more productive. 

Have a great month!