It’s Madness I Say…Madness (take a deep breath, exhale and relax)

It’s Madness I Say…Madness (take a deep breath, exhale and relax)

CEO Article by Larry Johnson

When I outlined my blogs in January, I wasn’t thinking of the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the unique specter that it raises; I was thinking of the challenges we have with the daily ups and downs of business that can add stress in our lives.

The uncertainty that surrounds almost everything lends itself to a sense of impending chaos. If you too find yourself struggling to keep your cool, I have compiled a list of reminders and ideas to refer to during this strange time. I know not all these things will help everyone, but hopefully, you can find a few that resonate with you.

1)    Keep your schedule as consistent as possible. The great thing about cloud computing is that it allows us to work in almost any place.  Keep your meeting schedules and use either Zoom or Microsoft Teams to have a conversation about your business goals. Keeping normalcy in your meeting schedule will provide direction for you and continuity to your team.  In times of stress, a routine can be soothing not only for you but for our nervous systems; being able to (somewhat) predict what will happen next is comforting.

2)    Act like you are going to the office.  It may be tempting to leave on your comfy PJ’s while working from the comfort of your couch, but showering and putting on clean workout clothes could do your mood wonders.  If you are leading others, it is good to show them a consistent direction.

3)    Smile and laugh. It is really hard to feel crummy when you’re smiling. Don’t get me wrong, things are scary right now, or at least the news tells us it is, so one doesn’t always feel like smiling. However, nothing shifts my mood faster than telling a silly dad joke or watching Jim Gaffigan’s latest special on Netflix.

4)    Go outside, even if just for a couple of breaths. When playing basketball and taking a foul shot, our coach would work us until we were exhausted and then make us take a free-throw. It was when we were the most tired and stressed that he would remind us to take a deep breath, exhale slowly and try to relax.

We are in a similar situation now so taking a deep breath and exhaling can add some relaxation to your day.  Fresh air has an almost magical quality. A few deep breaths of chilly, springtime air can make you feel better instantly.  Breathing exercises can also lower stress and help you through the day.

5)    Talk to other people, especially other adults. This is critical. During this time when we are being encouraged to practice “social distancing”, the risk of becoming isolated is very high. It is important to call (not just text!) friends and family. Video chatting is also a great option for staying connected during this time.

6)  Don’t develop sloppy eating habits. If you typically eat three meals and one or two snacks a day, keep doing that.  Don’t let the casualness of the situation lead to eating more junk or sugar-laden food.  Changing your eating habits or your eating rhythm can mimic anxiety and that is the last thing we need in this environment.

I am confident we will get through this. We will come out the other side knowing more and (hopefully) better equipped to handle the next unexpected event.

We will answer the phone if you call Adept.  We can help you with your technology issues, but most of all we want to be a friendly voice on the phone that you can talk too.  Together we will come through this stronger.