Your Team’s New Sport, Catching Phish

Your Team’s New Sport, Catching Phish

The good. The bad. The ugly.  Pretty much describes your inbox, doesn't it?

What's tough is sometimes you can't tell which are which. Is the email coupon from Round Table (20% off the Hearty Bacon Supreme!) good, or an ugly phishing attempt?

Is the notice from Netflix that your account needs renewing just one of those bad emails that wants your money for services, or is it an ugly attempt to just take your money?

If you had the Catch Phish Email Analysis icon in your email menu, you wouldn't have to wonder. Simply click the icon and Send for Analysis. Machine learning scrubs over the email, highlights red flags and gives you a threat level.  Still want more info? Click the Send to IT Support and your email lands in our engineers' inbox for review.

Statistics show the need for IT Security Awareness Training

The best part of Catch Phish is that it comes with Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your team—which is a good thing in light of current cybersecurity statistics.

A University of Maryland study reveals that hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.

"Hackers are getting smarter, attacks are occurring faster, and incidents are becoming more complex," says a CNBC report. "What’s more, given that digital threats tend to go an average of 101 days before being detected by business operators, the damage to an organization from such compromises can quickly add up."

Employees are your weakest link

Your staff, through carelessness or lack of knowledge, can put your business at risk.

A Shred-it survey revealed that one in three small business owners (31%) say human error or accidental loss by an employee/insider caused a breach. The study also showed a lack of training left employees unaware of IT security policies and best practices.

Why engage in IT Security Awareness Training?

"Training personnel ... is a logical answer to the problem of employee carelessness," says the Kaspersky Daily.  "Training is essential in raising awareness among personnel and motivating them to pay attention to cyberthreats and countermeasures. It is only through educating staff about the importance of working safely, that businesses can help to mitigate the risk ... and safeguard what is most important to them—their data."

Adept Solutions firmly believes education is key to protecting businesses from cybercrime.

What does the training include?

Portal, Dashboard, Points, Leaderboard: Each employee has a personal portal and dashboard. Points are accrued by participating in the training for an ESS score (Employee Security Score). A company leaderboard can stir up some competition among the trainees!

Yearly Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Employees learn from engaging video case studies and then take a 20-question quiz to assess what they learned. Vidoes can be stopped and started (where they left off) to accommodate schedules.

Weekly Video Micro-Trainings: These 1-2 minute videos, which are delivered to employee's inboxes, not only teach best security practices, they also help keep your team current on the latest scams.

Dark Web Monitoring: Cybercriminals use the Dark Web as a place to buy and sell stolen information. We constantly monitor the dark web and notify your team of new breaches to their email addresses. Employees can also check the email addresses of friends and family to see if they have been breached.

Phishing Simulations: Random, realistic phishing simulation emails help users learn how to avoid actual threats in their environment.

Catch Phish: This button is added to the employee's email menu. If they receive an email they suspect is a phishing attempt, they click the button. Learn more about Catch Phish here.

Security Policy (AUP): An Acceptable Use Policy is essential to the success of your cybersecurity efforts. This policy outlines what is and what is not an acceptable use of your company's IT systems and data. We help you create a policy specific to your business. This policy is added to each employee's portal and they are required to read and acknowledge it.

Monthly Security Newsletters: Learners receive the video micro-trainings the first three weeks of the month, and the monthly security newsletter the fourth week.

Managers Reports: Managers have a dashboard where they can quickly see employee training progress.

Cost of the Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is included in all Managed Service Agreements. For partners who are not fully managed please contact your account manager for pricing.

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