Still Running Windows 7? What Are Your Options?

Still Running Windows 7?  What Are Your Options?

January 14, 2020 is the end of life for Windows 7.


No more security updates--you are on your own. Without these security patches, Windows 7 systems will become substantially more vulnerable to viruses, malware, and third-party software exploitations. Without support for bug fixes and security updates, you are at greater risk for data loss and you will no longer be safe to access the Internet. 

You can still use antivirus tools and other security software for protection, but they won’t be enough to defend against bigger threats. Security software will also gradually drop support for older versions of Windows.

Third-party companies will stop supporting Windows 7.  Vendors update their own software and hardware to work only with current Windows versions. This won't happen immediately but it will eventually.

New hardware components and peripherals will stop working. These need hardware drivers, and manufacturers might not create those hardware drivers for your old, out-of-date OS.


Windows 10. Updating your operating system is a simple process that shouldn’t affect your files, although you will most likely have to run updates on the applications you use as well. Individuals can purchase the update and install it on their own, but it’s never a bad idea to seek help from an IT provider when making the switch, especially to ensure that all your data is properly backed up before installing the upgrade. 

Systems older than five years generally need to be replaced, as upgrading to Windows 10 could cause poor user experience and slow system speed. 

Microsoft 365. If you need to upgrade fast, Microsoft 365 can be a good option. Licenses are affordable and can be scaled quickly to meet your business needs. This popular software includes Microsoft Teams, Outlook email, Sharepoint, OneDrive storage and much more. It allows your team to work from anywhere and collaborate with ease.  Another benefit is always being up to date--no more worrying about migrating to the newest operating system, it is automatically done for you. Being subscription-based, means you are leasing rather than buying, which moves costs from capital to operating expenses.

How can Adept Solutions help? We can put together a roadmap for a smooth transition--whether you update your systems to Windows 10 or move to Microsoft 365. This includes finding the right hardware if necessary and compatible software to keep your business running. Depending on the number of computers that need to be upgraded and/or replaced, this transition may require a project outside the scope of your current contract.

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